The Official Webiste Of Brodie McHaggis
The Official Webiste Of Brodie McHaggis
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The Official Webiste Of Brodie McHaggis




I'm Brodie McHaggis.  I spend my days tripling around the Dunroamin hillside in a world that is so different from yours.  You probably walk, because you've only got two legs - but I triple on what you would probably say, my three funny legs.  I know you've got two arms and legs - I think that looks just plain weird.   Cool, anyway ... Mum and Dad think that's what I' do all day - but really, I'm in search of the truth about us haggises and where we come from.  You see, the grown ups keep talking about the silent protector.  They whisper about there being witches and nobody - just nobody - will swim in the loch for fear of the kelpie.  Dad won't answer any of my questions.  I don't know what the kelpie is or does, I don't know what the silent protector is and as for witches!  So I just had to go and find out for myself. 

I didn't really mean to leave home.  I didn't even know I'd ever end up in a world where humans exist.  Mum and Dad always said that humans just didn't exist and not to spend my days worrying about it.  But, I found out they do!  And they've only got 5 toes on each of their funny bare legs and five on those funny things called arms.  They don't have any fur on their skin either - yeuch!  

Well, anyway - I had no idea of how much danger lay ahead of me when I stumbled into my first adventure in Loch Ness.  I just went for a swim one day ... yes, I know Mum and Dad said that I wasn't allowed into the loch - but, it was just so tempting.  And, oh my goodness - what a lot of trouble it has got me into.  I'm beginning to wish I really listened to them.

And, it even got worse when I was faced with the Curse of the Scotch Mist in my next adventure as I continued my quest to free the haggis from its darkest and oldest enemies.  I had to - I'd caused so much trouble the first time around.  Oh dear.

BrodieI hope you catch up with me on my adventures, and keep visiting my website and you keep up to date with me and some of my friends.  

Sorry, but I can't leave any photos of me or maps where I live.  There are haggis hunters out there that we have to hide away from.  But I did pose for a few photos.  This painting was done of me and Nessie if  you can right-clicking your mouse on the picture, you can save it as your new wallpaper.

I'm always busy with his adventures, I will be back from time to time to answer your questions and emails.  Make sure you visit The Bothy where can get a Brodie's Brainy Buddy certificate for your bedroom wall and keep up to date with what is happening.  

Stay safe

Brodie    x

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