The Official Webiste Of Brodie McHaggis
The Official Webiste Of Brodie McHaggis
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The Official Webiste Of Brodie McHaggis


I have told my stories through my very own books, "Brodie McHaggis and the Secret of Loch Ness", and adventure, "Brodie McHaggis and the Curse of the Scotch Mist".  I promise you that they will take you through a turmoil of magical adventure - magic and adventure that I never knew existed.  You will hear how I  met Gertruda the witch and Booger the Ghillie Dhu.  Then there were Dork and Klutz the funny bird-like creatures who captured us - me and Erin.  It was pretty scary stuff at the time, but we're safe ... at least for the mean time. Thanks partly to my lucky white heather.

Loch Ness holds an ocean of mysteries, but only one secret.  Whether you're 7 years old, or 10 like me, or 97 (97?!), I will become part of your life as you travel with me on my mission to find out the truth, and discover the Secret of Loch Ness and battle the Curse of the Scotch Mist.  Hear what I have to say about some of his friends and enemies:

Angus McMail - he delivers messages through his network of high-speed burrows.  He's pretty clumsy, but he's alright, really.

Jock McHaggis - he's my dad and he always gets annoyed when I ask him lots of questions about our myths and why we think rowan trees protect us. But, I just keep on asking him!

Holly McHaggis - she's my mum. Everybody thinks she's great.

Iron McGillis - he's a delinquent!

Saunders McRancid - he 's disgusting.  He smells.

Kyla McHarris - <sigh>, she's lovely ... [Brodie is blushing]

The Kelpie - ... er ... I'd prefer not to talk about the hideous ... thing ... [Brodie is trembling.]

Gertruda McNorris - ... she's even more hideous!  She's a horrible, mean witch and wants to kill me and all of my family and friends.  [Brodie's really angry now ... think he might turn someone into lucky white heather!]

Erin Scott - ... funny-looking things these humans ... but Erin is the best friend I've ever had even though she's a human.  She ... oh ... [oh dear, Brodie's crying, and have pity on him because he has four nostrils so there's a lot of running nose to clean!]

Booger - he's that wimpy little ghillie dhu who thinks he owns the forest.  Yeuch!

Gnogard - he's that ghastly gnome who would sell his own granny if it would make him handsome.  Grrrr ...  

Come and join me in my adventures of mystery, magic and mayhem and meet lots of other characters such as Big Bag and Knobbly Knees, the gallump, faeries and goblins, boglouts, Nessie and the Stewarts as I visit Loch Ness and the Urquhart and Skibo Castles.  See you there! 

Brodie The Bothy